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NECOMA Project

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About NECOMA Project

NECOMA addresses the aspect of data collection, leveraging past and current work on the topic with the goal to expand these existing mechanisms and orient them towards threat data analysis.

Second, it addresses threat data analysis not only from the perspective of understanding attackers and vulnerabilities, but also from the point of view of the target and victim, needing to protect itself in real-time and in the most efficient manner possible; this will be achieved through the development of metrics that allow to measure the impact of attacks on the protected infrastructure or endpoint.
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D2.1: Threat Analysis

Threat AnalyticsThis deliverable is a detailed account of the different threat analysis, rating, and classification mechanisms developed by the members of the NECOMA consortium. It also reports the general architecture and design principles of the NECOMA threat analysis platform. Read More… 

Software on GitHub

GitHubNECOMA projec has released the series of software for researchers in GitHub.
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