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Project Deliverables

Deliverable D1.4: Threat data final report (May 2016) [pdf]

Deliverable D2.1:  Threat Analysis (November 2014)  [pdf]

Deliverable D2.2: Threat analysis platform (December 2015) [pdf]

Deliverable D3.1: Policy Enforcement Point Survey (November 2013)  [pdf]

Deliverable D3.3: Security Information Exchange - Results (May 2015) [pdf]

Deliverable D3.5: Countermeasure application - results (December 2015) [pdf]

Deliverable D4.1: Requirements and Specifications of Testing Environments (February 2015) [pdf]

Deliverable D4.2: Demonstrators evaluation (May 2016) [pdf]

Deliverable D5.5: Final report on the use and dissemination of knowledge (May 2016) [pdf]

Data Set

 Our project is going to publish datasets for researchers in a future.



Agurim : Traffic Monitoring by Flow Aggregation [pdf, github]

EyeBit : Development of phishing countermeasure technologies using eye-tracking devices [pdf, github]

Hashdoop : Hash-based traffic anomaly detection framework [pdf, github]

MATATABI : Multilayer threat analysis framework [pdf, github]

NECOMATter : Timeline and summary of cyber threat information [pdf, github]

PIX-IE : Programmable Internet eXchange in Edo Application of SDN technologies in IX [pdf]

Smartphone Firewall : Research and development of a flexible cyber defense using OpenFlow compatible Wireless AP [pdf, github]